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Chris Miller


Chris Miller is a Financial Business Adviser for the AmeriFactors Financial Group, Business Management Consultant, Author of 3 books, Chief Executive of and In addition, Chris is the Creator of the Million $$$ Broker Training Program at


Chris first began honing his leadership skills as a door-to-door salesman for the Kirby Company in 1993. He eventually became the top salesman for the Company in the State of Florida, and was offered his own store for the company in 1997. Chris further grew his skills during his service in the US Army where he serves with distinction as a Non-Commissioned Officer during Operation Iraqi Freedom campaigns II, III, V, and VI.


Chris has led teams of 2 and teams of 750 with equal success and accomplishment. As an Executive Vice President with LERETA in 2012, Chris led his team to record breaking sales, bringing in more than 3x the quota set, and revamped the customer on-boarding process by spearheading an inter-departmental team to assess and re-purpose the requirement procedures of each department in order to streamline the customer experience and shorten setup time by 50%.  

Chris Miller is an innovator, educator, and mentor for business leaders, and now he brings his skills here to us as the new host of The Leader Tree.

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