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Why You Should LOVE the Word NO!


People often fear the word NO, but they really shouldn't. In today's world, the word NO is used so often and so freely that the conviction behind it just isn't there any more. When we say no to someone, what we are really saying is please don't press me on it because I am weak and will give in and buy everything you have.

In my world as a door-to-door salesman, I heard the word no from nearly everyone I ever met at the door. It's deflating until you realize, your still selling to those that said it. In fact, I was number one in my State. So what does that say about our convictions behind the NO's we hand out. It says they are worthless for the most part, doesn't it? I think the word NO is being used incorrectly at this point, because if you tell me no, and then buy anyway after a little more prompting, you weren't really saying NO, you were saying KNOW. "I don't know enough information at this time to make a logical decision; please tell me more."


yourself how truly serious you are when you tell someone NO. How often do your kids get you to change that to a yes with minimal effort on their parts? It's funny, right?"

The point is that we have been hit with the word NO so often and so much that it has lost its impact. Watch this short video for examples.

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