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The Leader Tree is excited to announce our upcoming Radio Show (aptly named The Leader Tree) on TW3Radio.com

Do you like to be inspired? Do you want to get away from all the negativity in the world today? Check out our Show! Look for it at TW3radio.com

At The Leader Tree, our goal is to inspire and promote the concepts of leadership growth and development. We do this by drawing attention to areas that we believe our readers and listeners want to know more about. Check out our informative Business Leader Interview Series, or have a look through our Tools and Resources Series. We know you're going to find something that inspires the creativity inside you.

Did You Know

Fear will, grip you, terrify you, subdue you subconsciously and do everything it can to stop you because it is a primitive function."

- Conquering the Mountain: Fighting the Fears That Hold Us Back, 2014, Christopher L Miller

Our upcoming show "Living On A Pattern" will air next week on TW3radio.com. In this show, we will be exploring this and other key issues surrounding the power of the subconscious mind to propel us forward or hold us back. So get Inspired! Get Motivated! But most importantly, Get to TW3radio.com and check out The Leader Tree!

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